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    时瑞金融:英国首相梅姨最新毒舌吐槽燃爆现场, 让整个下议院炸开了锅!

    时瑞金融   |   2019-07-24 11:11:34




      梅姨这次的战斗力爆表。夹枪带棒明嘲暗讽科尔宾的"人生偶像"——全场high爆简直掀翻屋顶!议长大人也来插科打诨,讲了个关于David Bowie的小段子~ 梅姨最后还妙用排比,帮工党喊起了新口号...




      Mr Speaker: Jeremy Corbyn!

      议长先生: 杰里米·科尔宾!

      Jeremy Corbyn: Just so that everyone is aware of this, Labour is committed to restoring legal aid funding for family law, housing, benefit appeals, judicial review preparation and inquests, and real action on immigration cases. And, as we announced yesterday, we will end the leasehold scandal. The Department for Work and Pensions is failing disabled people. The MOJ has spent tens of millions of pounds each year defending appeals, over two thirds of which were won by the claimants. Rather than spending millions defending incorrect and often immoral decisions, would that money not have been better used increasing poverty-level benefits and providing legal aid to disabled people wrongly denied their basic dignity?


      Mr Speaker: Prime Minister.

      议长先生: 首相!

      The Prime Minister: I am not going to take any lectures from the right hon. Gentleman on what this Government have done for disabled people. We are committed to tackling the injustices facing disabled people, so that everyone can go as far their talents will take them. Our spending on support for disabled people and people with health conditions is at a record high. We are seeing many more people—over 900,000 more disabled people—in work as a result of what this Government have done. If he is really interested in tackling injustices, let me tell him that the biggest injustice he should tackle is in his own Labour party—he should deal with antisemitism.

      首相:我才不要听这位阁下给我上"教育课"呢!他对我们政府为残疾人所做的实事指手画脚。我们一直都在致力解决残疾人面临的社会不公,以便每个人都能最大限度发挥自己的才能。我们为残疾人和存在健康问题的人所提供的援助金,创下历史新高。我们看到更多残疾人获得就业机会——如今残疾人就业人数又增加了90万,这都得归功于本届政府的领导。如果这位阁下真那么迫切 想要消除社会不公,那他就该去解决最大的社会不公——好好处理一下他们工党内部的反犹太主义!

      Mr Speaker: Jeremy Corbyn!

      议长先生: 杰里米·科尔宾!

      Jeremy Corbyn: My party is totally committed to eliminating racism in any form and antisemitism in any form. While the Prime Minister is about the lecturing, how about the investigation into Islamophobia in her party?


      Mr Speaker: Order. Mr Bowie, you are as noisy as your illustrious late namesake, David Bowie, but, sadly, nothing like as melodic, my dear chap. Jeremy Corbyn!

      议长先生: 肃静肃静!鲍伊先生,你可太能闹腾了,都快赶上 与你同姓的已故巨星大卫·鲍伊啦!不过可惜 ,我亲爱滴老兄,你可不如人家闹腾得那么动听!杰里米·科尔宾!

      Jeremy Corbyn: This is one lecture the Prime Minister might not want to take from me, but she might care to listen to what the United Nations said when it condemned the UK Government for their "grave" and "systematic violations" of the rights of disabled people. The Windrush scandal has resulted in the Government having to allocate £200 million in compensation to people wrongly deported from this country and denied services, with their lives totally pulled apart. These are people who have given their life to this country and our services. Does she think that scandal would have happened if legal aid had not been slashed by the Government and so many of those people had not been denied any representation in court?

      杰里米·科尔宾:议长大人,首相可能不喜欢听我给她说教,但她或许愿意听听联合国是怎么说的,我引用原文 ,联合国强烈谴责英国政府"极其严重且有计划性地侵犯"残疾人的权利。疾风移民丑闻导致英国政府不得不拨款2亿英镑,作为赔偿金补偿给那些被错误驱逐出境,并被剥夺公民权利的人,他们原本的生活被搅得一团糟,这些人倾尽毕生,为我们的国家、为我们的事业呕心沥血。那么请问首相 ,假设法援资金没有惨遭政府削减,假设这些移民没有被剥夺出庭代理权,那么,这场掀动社会惊涛骇浪的移民丑闻还会发生么?

      The Prime Minister: The right hon. Gentleman really needs to think rather more carefully about his arguments. Let us look at the issue of people of the Windrush generation. I have apologised for what happened to people of the Windrush generation. I have been very clear that they are British, they are here and they have a right to be here, and that these things should not have happened. We have apologised for the mistakes that have been made. The right hon. Gentleman raises issues relating to people who were incorrectly deported. The initial historical review looked at around 11,800 detentions and removals and identified 18 people who were most likely to have been wrongly deported or removed. Of those, six were removed or detained under the last Labour Government. The way the right hon. Gentleman talks, we would think he was a man of principle, but what do we actually see from him? Labour policy is to ban non-disclosure agreements, but his staff have to sign them. He was an anti-racist; now he ignores antisemitism. He has been a Eurosceptic all his life; now he backs remain. He is truly living up to the words of Marx: "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them, well, I have others"—

      首相:这位阁下还真的需要好好思考一下他所阐述的论点。咱们就来分析下 疾风世代移民事件。我已经为疾风世代移民的遭遇向他们郑重道歉。我已经明确表示他们是英国公民,他们现居于英国,且有权定居于此,他们所遭遇的事情根本不该发生。我们也为所犯的错误郑重道歉。这位阁下提到了被错误驱逐出境的问题。根据对该事件的初步历史审查,在疾风世代遭遇的约11,800次拘留和剥夺权利案件中,最终确定有18人,最有可能被错误驱逐或剥夺身份,其中有6人都是被上一届工党政府遣返或拘留的。我想对这位尊敬的阁下说,听他满口仁义道德,大家都以为他是个讲原则的正人君子。但实际上,我们看到真实的他又是怎样?他们工党明面上说着,要全面杜绝保密协议;可他却私下要求员工签署保密协定。他曾是一位反种族主义者;可他现在却对党内的反犹主义视若罔闻。他这一生一直都是个欧洲怀疑主义者;结果现在却转头支持"留欧"。他笃志坚守马克思的信条——"这就是我的原则,要是你不喜欢的话,额那个... 我还有其他原则..."

      Jeremy Corbyn rose -


      The Prime Minister: I know the right hon. Gentleman is keen to get to the Dispatch Box when the name Marx is mentioned. I was merely going to point out to him that those were the words not of Karl but of Groucho.


      【注释:格鲁乔·马克思 "Groucho" Marx,1950-1960年代美国喜剧演员、电影明星。美国史上最成功的滑稽演员之一。】

      Mr Speaker: Jeremy Corbyn!

      议长先生: 杰里米·科尔宾!

      Jeremy Corbyn: Coming from the Prime Minister who created the hostile environment that brought about the Windrush scandal, who ordered "Go home" vans to drive around London, who refuses to acknowledge Islamophobia in her own party, and whose party consorts with racists and antisemites in the European Parliament and sucks up to those Governments across Europe, we do not need those kinds of lectures. One legal aid firm said: "We see people more desperate and in more extreme need than they were five years ago, and there is nowhere to send them. Those people are invisible to the system." That is a denial of people's basic rights. The United Nations says that legal aid cuts have "overwhelmingly affected the poor and people with disabilities". Without equal access to justice, there is no justice. Today, in modern Britain, millions are denied justice because they do not have the money. Isn't that a disgrace? Isn't that a burning injustice?


      Mr Speaker: Prime Minister.

      议长先生: 首相!

      The Prime Minister: The right hon. Gentleman may do his best to ignore the antisemitism in his party, but I think... I think he should listen to the words of the former Labour party general secretary, the noble Lord Triesman, who said: "We may one day be the party of anti-racism once again but it certainly isn't today." The right hon. Gentleman has asked questions about injustice; let me tell him about an injustice. It is an injustice when you force people who are working hard day and night to earn an income for their family to pay more taxes because of a Labour party economic policy in government that led to the destruction of our economy. What do we see from the Labour party? You earn more; they want you to pay more tax. You buy a home; they want you to pay more tax. You want to leave something to your children; they want you to pay more tax—Labour's £9 billion family tax. Labour used to have a slogan of "Education, education, education"; now, it is just "Tax, tax, tax. Injustice, injustice, injustice."

      首相:这位阁下还真是竭尽所能地无视他们党内的反犹主义呢!但我认为他应该听听... 我认为他应该听听前工党总书记——尊贵的特里斯曼勋爵所说的话: "或许未来某天,我们工党会重新回到反种族主义阵营,但现在肯定做不到。" 对面这位阁下提出许多社会不公的问题;那我来告诉他什么叫做"不公"。这才是真正的不公——很多人为了养家糊口,不得不日以继夜加班加点、埋头苦干,才能交得起沉重的税收,这都是由于工党政府的经济政策导致我们的经济遭到破坏。我们从工党政策中看到了什么?你赚得更多,他们让你交更多税;你买个房子,他们让你交更多税;你想将自己的财产留给孩子;他们还让你交更多税,工党要征收90亿镑的家庭税。工党曾有过一句著名的口号:"教育,教育,教育!" 现在他们的口号得改成: "税,税,税!不公,不公,不公!"







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